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The Five-Step Automation Process

3. The Designing

We produce the Automation Master Plan describing all the steps the automation will take over.

1. The Visioning

Our Business Efficiency Manager goes through a detailed questionnaire with you to understand the pain we are going to solve. 

2. The Sketching


We use pencil and paper to freehand sketch a bunch of ideas and show you graphically how you'd work in a better world.

Through hundreds of automation projects, we have developed a unique methodology to simplify your business processes and to execute tedious tasks on auto-pilot

so you can focus on your most important work.


We design automation in a highly structured way and extremely fast (only within a few days).

4. The Coding

Our Technical Wizard brings the solution to life according to your specific needs.

5. The Testing 

We run one real-life user case with play data and identify if steps need to be added or corrected in the Automation Master Plan. We then deliver the ready-to-use automation together with the reviewed Automation Master Plan (which you can use to train your team).


You can then enjoy your new business process by pressing a button to get the work done!

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