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The Five-Step Automation Process

Through hundreds of automation projects, we have developed a unique methodology to simplify your business processes and to execute tedious tasks on auto-pilot

so you can focus on your most important work.


We design automation in a highly structured way and extremely fast (only within a few days).

1. The Visioning

Our Business Efficiency Manager goes through a detailed questionnaire with you to understand the pain we are going to solve. 

2. The Sketching


We use pencil and paper to freehand sketch a bunch of ideas and show you graphically how you'd work in a better world.

3. The Designing

We produce the Automation Master Plan describing all the steps the automation will take over.

4. The Coding

Our Technical Wizard brings the solution to life according to your specific needs.

5. The Testing 

We run one real-life user case with play data and identify if steps need to be added or corrected in the Automation Master Plan. We then deliver the ready-to-use automation together with the reviewed Automation Master Plan (which you can use to train your team).


You can then enjoy your new business process by pressing a button to get the work done!

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