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Hi, I'm Agnes

I'm the founder of, I'm an efficiency queen, and a notorious process freak!


Throughout my 20 years in the business management world and as a freelance consultant, I always came across the same bottlenecks in start-ups and established companies.


Do you know the simple truth about the most successful businesses that thrive on the long-term?


I discovered it's not necessarily that they have the best product on the market, the biggest advertisement budget or not even the best employees. It's often much simpler than people think to grow a sustainable great company.

The best businesses always are very systemized and got a system in place that ensures them to provide a consistent, effective and profitable customer experience. Management can enjoy a very predictable way to run the business to the next level.


Here we take care of your tedious tasks, time-consuming data analysis, or inaccurate approval processes and turn them into press-a-button automations, beautiful real-time dashboard, and efficient workflows.

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