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Let automation complete admin actions

while you solve more important problems!

We support entrepreneurs, founders, and finance staff
  • to free you up from repetitive tasks,
  • to automate your business and to reduce manual number crunching,
  • and as a result to improve efficiency and increase profit margins. 

Management & Business Automation

in finance, accounting, billing, payment and reporting

 Collect cash much faster

Stop wasting time on crunching numbers thanks to beautiful, live KPI dashboards

Automate your monthly close and follow business performance in real time

Get your European VAT reports on digital products fully automated



How can we help you?

Our mission is to provide easy to use automation solutions to substitute time consuming tasks you execute in Office tools, Google documents, ERP/ CRM software or on the web.


We love technology and are passionate geeks! 


Moving info between your web apps, filling up documents automatically, running reports or extracting data by pressing a button, booking piles of invoices in seconds…..


... This is no magic to us but our daily reality!

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